Profile - Nobility Furnishing Design -

Nobility furnishing D/M Inc specialized in R&D of hard wood and audio’s furniture.

Guizu is a company that offers stylish, contemporary, and innovative furniture that not only fulfill the basic virtual function, but also excel in enhancing the sonic performance of audio/visual systems.

In order to achieve our goal, we design furniture according to specific acoustic requirements, unique geometrical constructions, and selected materials. Merging traditional designs with contemporary styles, creative ideas with fine craftsmanship, we produce the finest, unique furniture for home audio/visual systems that is well suited for today’s homes and life style, and at the same time provide enhancement to sonic performance that audiophiles dream of.

Since the company’s establishment, our product received good reviews by customer from various countries – a testament to Guizu’s rich knowledge in acoustic and mechanic designs. We combine carefully select N. American/Europe hard wood and other superior materials with fine craftsmanship to create furniture that merges harmoniously and elegantly with any home decor, while elevating your audio/visual system to its best sonic performance.

We welcome distributors from all over the world.